About Us

JVA is a dynamic company formed out of a partnership between Australian and South African Electric Fence professionals. JVA Technologies is based in Queensland Australia. We also have offices in South Africa and distributors around the globe. JVA is focused on delivery of good value, high quality Electric Fence components by leveraging our many years of marketing, design and manufacturing experience from both sides of the Indian Ocean. Our aim is to deliver an exceptional value proposition made universally available via the World Wide Web and backed with local service.


Electric Fencing has a proud history in both Australia and South Africa, where we face similar harsh rural environments. JVA products are designed to meet these demands and are manufactured with the best quality electronic components. JVA energisers are powerful yet safe, they are backed by local knowledge and a commitment to service.

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JVA Technologies (Australia), in partnership with Ndlovu Fencing (South Africa), has drawn on over 30 years experience in some of the world's most testing security markets to produce a product range to satisfy the needs of the worlds security electric fencing markets. Ranging from simple domestic requirements, to high security government and industrial installations.

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For more information about JVA Security products and how they are used, please see the JVA South Africa Youtube channel.

Contact Us

International enquiries should be addressed to: sales@jva-fence.com.au