JVA Security Electric Fencing: Reference Sites and Installations

JVA Security Electric Fencing products are use in a number of countries around the world for a variety of applications ranging from residential to industrial and corporate properties. Below is a list of notable reference sites and installations, and the products they have utilised.

Porsche Facility

Prison Fence 1

Prison Fence 2

Residential Installation

Residential Installation

JVA Site in South Africa


  • Brunnback municipal water (Z14’s)
  • Docket & Form Fisherie, Ireland (5 Z28)
  • Fortum Grid Power Company (3 Z28’s)
  • Kemira Chemicals Plant, Helsingborg (2 Z28)
  • KVD Car auctions, Gothenburg (3 Z28)
  • Outokumpu Steel, Avesta (2 Z28)
  • Skane Zoo, bear and bison (2 MB4.5)
  • Snuddebo, fur farm (Z28 + Z13)
  • Styggstorp, fur farm (Z28)
  • TeleCity telecom server, Stockholm (Z28 + Z14)
  • Valdemarsvik municipal water (Z28)
  • Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Plant, Vasteras (Z14)


  • Indian Air Force: 5 sensitive locations covering a total of 33kms (46 JVA Z28's with central monitoring using Perimeter Patrol - site locations confidential)
  • Reserve Bank of India: High security location (5 JVA Z28's with Perimeter Patrol - site location confidential)
  • Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division (Z28 and Z14 networked to Perimeter Patrol)
  • Fiat India Automobile Pvt. Ltd. (FIAPL, JVA Z14)

South Africa

  • Amber Ridge (4 Z28’s linked with JVA Perimeter Patrol via wireless network)
  • Amber Valley Estate (20 zones, with Wifi)
  • Bank of England (Details Confidential)
  • Ellingham Estate (2 JVA Z28's, with Wifi)
  • Gowrie Estrate (14 Zonesm with Wifi)
  • Hillcrest Housing Complexes (JVA Z Energisers with Perimeter Patrol and Wifi)
  • Kyalami Estates (44 JVA Z28 linked with fibre optics to Perimeter Patrol)
  • Leopard Creek golfing Estate – (8 JVA Z18’s linked to Mami radio system)
  • Lydenburg Chrome Smelter (13 JVA Z18's, with Wifi)
  • Minister of Finance, Mpumalanga (JVA Z14)
  • Minister of Public Works, Mpumalanga (JVA Z14)
  • Minister of Safety & Security Mpumalanga (JVA Z14)
  • Mount Verde (12 JVA Z18’s and 12 JVA ZM20’s with Wireless network to JVA Perimeter Patrol)
  • Namibian Game Farm (19 JVA ZM1's, with Wifi)
  • Pearl Valley Golf Estate (19 JVA Z28's)
  • Prison Department (Modi Modi, Kimberly and Witbank) High Spec security Fence (50 JVA Z13)
  • Serengeti Golf Estate (44 JVA Z18’s linked via fibre optics to JVA Perimeter Patrol)
  • Sienna Housing Complex (10 Zones, with Wifi)
  • South African Navy Headquarters (Details Confidential)
  • Southgate Business Park (5 JVA Z18's, 5 JVA ZM20's)
  • TBS Sugar Mill (6 JVA Z18’s and 2 JVA Z28’s)
  • Toyota Vehicle Park (ZM20)
  • Utrecht Prison (28 Zones, with Wifi)
  • Woodlands Hills Estate ( 18 JVA Z18’s)
  • Xstrata Chromium Mine (12 JVA Z18’s linked with wireless networking to Perimeter Patrol)
  • Jasper Solar Farm, Kimberly (Solar powered JVA Z18's with wireless networking)

South America

  • Prominent Government Mint (Details Confidential)